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The CRES amateur radio club was established in 1962 by hams working at the Western Electric manufacturing facility on East Broad St in Columbus. Today it serves the greater central Ohio ham community. Its goals include stimulating interest in amateur radio, the exchange of technical information, emergency readiness, and social activities for the membership and their families. As a club we sponsor the W8ZPF repeater, host a Volunteer Examiner team, participate in ham-related events such as Field Day, and conduct bi-monthly meetings which consist of a short business meeting followed by a topical presentation of interest to clubmembers. Visitors (licensed or not) are always welcome, as are new club members.

Upcoming Club activities and events of interest to clubmembers:

Clubmember Communications

Ham Radio is all about communications. Our primary means of keeping in contact with one another within the Club is our W8ZPF Repeater, 146.07/146.67 Mhz (with 131.8 Hz CTCSS). The repeater is located at I-270 and Broad St (SR 16) on the east side of Columbus. W8ZPF/R provides good coverage throughout most of Franklin, and much of Fairfield and Licking, Counties. Feel free to give a call on W8ZPF/R at any time.

The CRES-ARC also maintains two internet email lists – a discussion group and an email announcement list. What's the difference? The announcement list is a low volume list intended to announce our meetings and activities as well as get the word out about other items of interest to all club members. The discussion group is a potentially higher volume forum where the topics are more dynamic, going wherever its members choose to take them. Both are hosted on https://groups.io/.

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